Prepare to delight and inspire your guests with a spectacular event that embodies your company spirit and makes a lasting impression.

Once we step in, your only job is to network and innovate with your guests and employees. Here’s what you can expect from Jasper Event Management:

  • Meticulous organization, creative thinking and solution-based decision making
  • More than 20 combined years of local knowledge, experience and partnerships
  • Customized itineraries and programs infused with Jasper’s unique history and culture
  • A purposeful and impactful event aligned with your vision and goals
The team has built a multi-day theme events for VIP Corporate accounts. They managed the event budget to produce exceptional outdoor events and programming along with executing contingency plans for inclement weather. Elsa and Jordan have participated in client meetings and reviewed client feedback to adapt the event for our clients’ needs seamlessly and professionally.