Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Events that are truly exceptional do not just happen by accident. They’re the culmination of meticulous planning, coordination of minute details and collaboration of a great number of people. We handle all the elements that lead to a spectacular event, eliminating the stress of the planning process for you.

Between hiring vendors, selecting your meeting or event venues, and planning the activities for your clients and/or significant others, it’s hard to figure out where to begin or how to plan an event that lives up to everyone’s expectations. Being local planners, we offer valuable resources that will make Corporate Event planning as efficient as possible. We lead you through every step of the process and will ensure you won’t miss any detail.

We work with you to provide a crystal clear purpose for the event so that there are no surprises in the execution phase. We combine the right people and the proper resources to produce an event that will achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations, so that we all walk away happy.

With Jasper Event Management, you can be sure you will receive:

  • Meticulous organization, creative thinking, solution based decision-making, and your vision built into every program
  • The confidence of over 20 combined years of local knowledge, experience and partnerships
  • Customized itineraries and programs, including an injection of Jasper’s unique local area history and culture
  • The comfort of knowing that your program will be created with your goals and requirements in mind


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